About Us

About Us

Baetech is a team of reliable IT professionals, providing managed IT services to businesses in the North Atlanta area.

Baetech is a team of reliable IT professionals, providing managed IT services to businesses in the North Atlanta area. There has been a significant increase with demand for outsourced IT services, and we want to provide local businesses with an experienced and a quality team of engineers, that they can always depend on.

Small and medium businesses often may not have the time and resources for job prospecting, or a budget for their in-house IT experts, especially when that money can be invested into further development of services, growth and innovation.


Instead, they can outsource their IT maintenance to an expert company like Baetech, without even noticing the difference between an in-house staff and an outsourced team. 

With our diversity of clients and industries, a specialized managed IT services Alpharetta company, like ours, has far more experience in troubleshooting and resolving complex system issues. As a result, we can deliver a solution in better time than your in-house IT team. An in-house IT team is usually proficient only working with your specific system, and not aware of additional issues that may arise.

Personalized Managed IT Services Alpharetta

Our greatest advantage is our dedication towards our clients, and our personalized tailor-made approach that includes up to 2 solution engineers servicing each account. Our experts will quickly have an in-depth knowledge of your company’s IT history, processes, and systems.

Since we are all highly skilled, we focus on solutions and the businesses matters that are important to you, not the sales process. We rather let our recommendations, instead of the sales pitches, speak for us.

Baetech strives to educate its clients on the technology that they are implementing, so that they are always aware of what they are paying for, as well as why such solutions are important, and how they will benefit from it.

You can count on our proactive approach and our experts, working on solving your problems before you are affected. We will strive to continuously update and simplify your systems, saving you trouble and money, in the long run. IT issues can occur at any time. We will be actively monitory your systems and finding ways to make your work easier.

As soon as you contact us, our IT experts are always available, ready to help you. There are no waiting lines to speak with an outsourced first-level customer service technician, just to end up with no solution to your problem

How Does Baetech Managed IT Service Work?

Once you have a signed contract with Baetech, you can expect a streamlined process of our managed IT services.

We will provision your account, and provide you with predictable and transparent monthly billing, that can only be affected by the additional services that you purchase.

Baetech provides Cloud services, backup and recovery of your data, system upgrades and migration, support for Google GSuite and MS Office 365, wireless setup and configuration, firewall and Internet solutions, vendor management, etc.

Focused on Security

Naturally, when you are outsourcing your IT management service to a company outside of your own organization, you will have concerns about the safety of your company’s data, business processes, and other valuable information that separate you from the competition.

We pay great attention to ransomware and security when managing your systems. That is why we partner with the world’s most reliable and trusted IT companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Dell, etc.

When it comes to your IT security, we leave nothing to chance.

Serving Variety of Industries

Due to our vast IT engineering knowledge, we are able to service a great number of different industries, whose IT solutions and systems may vary greatly, even among the businesses operating in the same industry.

Our experts can find a solution to make sure your IT infrastructure is always at its optimum performance level.

So far, we have been providing services for clients from healthcare practices, marketing agencies, construction companies, real estate businesses, as well as firms, who provide financial, legal, and other professional services. Hopefully, we will expand this list even more in the future.

Contact Our IT Experts Today

Contact Baetech managed IT services Alpharetta today and schedule a consultation with one of our IT experts. Once we agree on the membership, we will create your account and assign you a dedicated IT professional, or two, depending on the size of your IT infrastructure. From that point on, you will have an IT expert at your disposal.

Nowadays, it is unimaginable working with technology, which inevitably carries its own set of risks, including security breaches, data loss, or system crashes. Throughout the years, we have learned IT and systems prevention, along with regular maintenance is paramount. The small fixes now can save you from major disasters later.