Managed IT Security Services Alpharetta

When it comes to security, IT systems seem to be the most vulnerable nowadays. Your business could be a victim of competition espionage, online scamming and plenty of other threats that lurk from the world wide web. Your data could be stolen, compromised, sold, or even destroyed if someone realizes your IT system is vulnerable enough. Unfortunately not all companies can afford a proper in-house IT support that will protect their IT infrastructure from the cyber attacks.

Managed IT Security Services

However, you will be amazed what a properly set up security can do to protect your entire IT system. As they say – prevention is better than cure. All you need is an IT expert with enough knowledge and experience to secure your servers, data and network connection. You may have one in-house but in case you don’t or you need someone with a higher level of skills, you may use help from an expert company like ours. 

Once you apply for Baetech membership which consists of an affordable and predictable monthly fee, you will get a scope of services that will provide the security of your IT infrastructure. That means the protection of your emails, security for your data, antivirus and firewall implementation and so on.

Apply for Our Membership and Get Full Security Coverage

Our first step will be to do the free onsite assessment and then offer a scope of security services and products that will protect you and your work in years to come. Everything that we include in our offer will be tailor-made for you businesses and consist only of what you absolutely need. We approach each security design strategically, so you never have to pay for services or products that you don’t use.

Of course, aside from these security services, you can always count on other types of IT support like disaster recovery, Microsoft and Google upgrades and migrations, cloud services, network setup and vendor management.

No matter if you choose a multitude of services or just one, you will have at least one IT expert at your disposal and our IT engineers will always be available for your request and quick to respond to any issue or question that you may have.

Prevention of Security Breach Incidents

We always advise our current and future clients to work on the prevention of the security breach of their IT systems because once the incident happens it is usually too late. For an affordable monthly fee, you can get everything that your IT infrastructure needs to keep away malware and ransomware from your servers and networks.

This is the only aspect of your IT system where you shouldn’t cut any corners and use the strongest and most reliable protection possible. Anything that is left unguarded can expose your IT system to the attacks and affect your business and your clients in the long-term.

Security for a Variety of Businesses

Our clients come from all industries but we know which ones are the most vulnerable and susceptible to security breaches – law firms, health care centers, companies providing financial services, even marketing agencies.

The confidentiality and trust that their customers put in these types of companies is one of the most important aspects of their business. If the IT security system is in danger then the very livelihood or even lives of their customers can be affected, too.

That is why, they entrust us with protecting their IT infrastructure and keeping their hard work secure from potential attacks. Some of these businesses have been with us for years which only proves the quality of the security services that we provide.

The Most Affordable Way to Protect Your Business

Many small and medium businesses that we work with cannot afford to hire an in-house IT expert because they simply have to focus on expanding or investing in their core services. However, ignoring the fact that you need a professional to monitor your IT infrastructure will cost you much more later.

Luckily, we provide managed IT services that include security and protection. You will get one IT engineer at your disposal at all times and they will carefully monitor your IT system to make sure everything is working perfectly. That is as close as it gets to having in-house IT support, except your monthly expenses are much lower.

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  1. If you have worries about the security of your IT infrastructure and you don’t have an IT expert in-house to help you, you can always contact us by dialing our phone or sending an email. We will respond as soon as possible and provide you with a tailor-made IT support service. Use your hard-earned money to invest in things that are important for your core business and leave the IT security and optimization to us.