Baetech Alpharetta managed IT services can be obtained through a monthly membership. Our predictable pre-paid service will ensure that an agreed scope of work will be done. Those services include a proactive approach and prevention of issues from occurring, daily monitoring, regular maintenance of your IT systems, and best protection of your data,

A Baetech membership gives you an advantage over those clients who require our services out of immediate necessity. Your requests and urgent matters will always have top priority. When you give us the responsibility our your entire IT infrastructure, we see it as our duty to keep it operational and to solve your issues first.

When you subscribe with our managed IT services, you are getting a quality, in-house IT team of engineers, without having to hire them. You can avoid calling just any IT company, and waiting for long hold time, just make a service request, let alone reaching an solution with your issue. We respond to your service requests immediately.

What Do You Get with Baetech Membership?

When you apply for a Baetech Alpharetta managed IT service membership, you will get a scope of services customized for your business. Apart from monitoring your IT systems, we offer Cloud services for your business workflow applications, as well as IP cloud-based phone solutions.

You can count on us for your support needs, a system upgrade, migration for your Windows and Microsoft Servers, and migration and support for MS Office 365 and Google GSuite.

We also offer protection for your IT systems from malware and ransomware, and keeping your data safe from any potential security breaches.

Apart from those services, we also do setup and configuration for your wireless networks, firewall, and Internet solutions.

If you have multiple IT vendors, you can rely on us for vendor management as your only POC. We will process all of your requests and provide you with the service that you need.

We will handle any IT disaster and provide data recovery, whenever possible.

Of course, our engineers are available for servicing all of your individual computing devices, including your iOS devices, and any other devices or computers included in your membership price.

Why Should You Apply for Baetech Membership?

Most small and medium businesses cannot afford to employ an IT engineer with their limited staff and money. Businesses prefer to invest their money into improving their existing services.

Unfortunately, most businesses will call a managed IT services company in a time of need, or even worse, during of system failure. Usually, it is too late to resolve the problem or retrieve the data, without significant consequences.

As the old saying goes – prevention is better than the cure. By applying for our monthly membership for managed IT services, you will always have one to two engineers monitoring your IT systems. They will inform you about the necessary upgrades, the possible issues and proactive maintenance. For an affordable monthly fee, you will have a team maintaining your infrastructure.

An Affordable Way to Keep Your IT System Operating

Instead of contacting an IT services company during a time of need, and spending a considerable amount of money, if may be cost effective to apply for a monthly membership, and always have a team of IT engineers at your disposal.

With a Baetech Alpharetta managed IT services membership you will have predictable monthly billing, that includes a scope of services customized for your business needs. We will not oversell a solution or a line of products.

Our team is comprised with the best local IT experts that can assist you as needed, while saving you on having in-house engineers.

Apply for Your Baetech Membership Today

You can easily apply for a Baetech membership by contacting us. Our team will provide you with all the information you may need and answer any questions. Furthermore, we will create your account, and determine the scope of services that will fit you best. Moving forward, our Engineers will continue to service your IT environment