Professional Services

Professional Services


Small and medium businesses usually have a limited budget and resources to bring on a complete IT department. However, they still need someone who can handle that part of the job. This is why most businesses decide to outsource IT management.


If you are providing professional services to your customers, your clients depend on you to secure their confidential data. These are the current and high-quality services we offer for your IT needs. We can also provide insight for your future technology considerations.


We live in a technology-dependent world. Almost everything we do is happening online. IT services has become a necessity for modern businesses, and we are here to provide full support and keep your IT systems running smoothly.

Skilled Staff That Guarantees The Best Managed IT Services

The list of IT support includes some of the following: vendor management, system upgrades and maintenance for Windows 10, MS Server 2016 and MS Server 2019, as well as cloud-based phone solutions. A variety of services we provide makes us the best choice for businesses from many different industries. Our portfolio includes companies from healthcare, construction, marketing, financial, legal, and real estate.

No matter what type of business you own, you can rest assure, that we will find the best combination of managed IT services for you. We do not use ready-made solutions. We create packages customized for your company’s requirements and goals. This will help you leave the burden of the IT support and maintenance to us, while you are focused only on your job.

Every member of our staff is an experienced IT expert that we will be able to detect and resolve any issue, even before you know it. We work hard to ensure that all your client’s and company’s data is completely secure. Our services also include data backup and disaster recovery, so in case of a disaster, your business will be up and running in no time.

Custom-Tailored Packages and Monthly Membership

 IT services that are requested out of necessity and urgency can affect a significant portion of your budget. However, regular monitoring, servicing, and overall prevention will save you from unpleasant surprises related to system crashes, data loss, or cyberattacks.

Our monthly membership is a great choice for businesses with limited budgets because we offer upfront pricing, so you are aware of exact services costs and the level of service you will receive, in return. There are no hidden fees – everything is transparent. You will have a complete list of services that we will provide for you. Feel free to focus on your core business activities like growth and innovation, while we are taking good care of the technology that you depend on.

We will only offer the services that your business depends on, and not oversold solutions and products. Our goal is to deliver high-quality service to every client and help them perform their job smoothly and stress-free. With us by your side, you will become more productive and be able to deliver quality professional services, which will result in better customer service and hopefully even more clients for your business. 

Our IT Experts Will Keep Your Network Running Perfectly

A quality monitoring system can notice faults in your technology long before they occur, and that is what our highly skilled, professional staff does. We are catching problems in their early stages and taking the necessary action to resolve these problems. This will prevent problems that can affect the performance of servers or cause devastating issues like a system crash. Our prompt and efficient proactive response will save you from spending time and money on fixing serious malfunctions that could easily be avoided.

Our helpdesk is another advantage of Baetech’s Alpharetta managed IT services offerings. Someone is always available to handle your request. No more waiting hours for your problem’s resolution. We guarantee better response times and less downtime.

Contact Baetech Alpharetta Managed IT Services Today

If you are ready to take advantage of Baetech’s Alpharetta managed IT services, we suggest you get in touch with us today. Our friendly and dedicated staff will be happy to explain our services before you sign up for the membership. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of services that we provide