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Industries We Serve

Industries We Service

All industries will inevitably need expert IT support at some point. However, since small and medium businesses usually cannot afford their own in-house engineers, they rely on managed IT services from outsourced companies.

Unfortunately, in most cases, those companies are already too busy, solving someone else’s issues, and you end up waiting in line and losing your precious time. These situations can affect your business severely, causing you to lose data and money.

Over the years, our managed IT services Alpharetta team has been providing IT support to a variety of industries. So, we know how to handle a multitude of issues and processes.

Healthcare IT Service

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries when it comes to data integrity. Loss of data, malware and ransomware attacks can have severe consequences on your business, but most importantly, the well-being of your patients. However, it does not mean that their IT systems are not prone to other challenges as well.

Our managed IT services Alpharetta team will protect your data at all times, and doctor-patient confidentiality never becomes compromised.

Product engineering

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies rely on IT solutions for communication and product delivery with clients. An entire agency’s work, including client emails, contracts, financial information to creative solutions, is stored on an individual employees’ computers, and possibly in the Cloud.

Marketing agencies depend on email servers, Cloud storage, individual computing devices, and availability to the Internet, as the most important aspects of their business. This can result in days, or even months of creative work due to a lack of timely responses, that can cause them to lose an important client. Luckily, if you apply for Baetech membership, our managed IT service Alpharetta team will be at your disposal at all times.

Construction Companies

Construction companies depend on software solutions to make their jobs easier. They use IT solutions to make architectural plans, track the tasks and timelines of construction projects, and estimate potential costs, but also to manage the multitude of vendors and subcontractors.

With an industry dependent on technology, any system’s failure can be a cause for a delay of the entire project, and a significant increase in costs. However, when you have a highly skilled team of engineers at your disposal, any accident can be solved in a short period of time or even prevented.

Financial Services

Businesses providing financial services are among one of the most vulnerable, when it comes to IT systems. Of course, the loss of data can be damaging to them and for their clients. A security breach targeted at one of their client’s finances, could easily lead to major legal problems, and send your company on a downward spiral.

Since we have been working with a multitude of businesses providing financial services, we are aware of all potential dangers to your IT systems. Our managed IT service Alpharetta team provides malware and ransomware protection, through continuous awareness regarding potential risks of such attacks.

Understanding the fundamentals of finances

IT Service for Law Firms

Law firms and offices deal with a considerable amount of sensitive data, which means that they should not only protect themselves but they must find a managed IT service with plenty of experience, that is reliable and knows how to protect the work behind their long hours.

Even though law firm owners may think most of their work is still vastly offline, in the courtrooms and in meeting rooms, they still need to have the latest technology that will enable them to be efficient.

Real Estate Agencies

The real estate market is one of the most competitive industries. Being the best in the business means having the best technology and partnering with a managed IT service provider who is always there for you.

In case the market and your monthly earnings fluctuate, having expert IT services for a predictable monthly fee can be a lifesaver, when income is lower than usual or when major IT system mishaps occur.