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Today’s healthcare centers and physicians store their patient’s medical records in digital form. From dentists to surgeons, everyone can easily access their patients’ medical history in a few seconds. The only challenge is always protecting and securing patient records. Patient medical records are some of the most sensitive data, and a security breach or data loss could have serious consequences and legal repercussions, for you and your patients.

To secure the data and maintain complete doctor-patient confidentiality, every healthcare center should have an IT professional, at an arm’s reach, and able to monitor the infrastructure always. Investing in regular maintenance now, can save your finances in the future.

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Spend Only the Necessary Amount on IT Services

Team of IT Experts Just a Call Away

An Array of Services Available for a Fixed Monthly Fee

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Spend Only the Necessary Amount on IT Services

Spend Only the Necessary Amount on IT Services

Healthcare professionals have more important roles on their minds, than to manage their IT systems. Healthcare practices, no matter how big or small, oftentimes depend on organized and easily accessible data that their technology provides. However, there is no IT solution that does not require regular maintenance performed by an IT engineer.

You do not have to spend your valuable time and resources looking for an in-house IT professional. Instead, you can apply for a monthly membership at Baetech, and get a dedicated engineer that will maintain your IT infrastructure. There is no need to pay a high-end annual salary for an IT engineer when that money can be better invested in advanced medical equipment and a quality medical staff.

Team of IT Experts Just a Call Away

In case of an unexpected accident, it is good to know that you have a team of IT experts available with just one phone call or email. Unlike most outsourced IT support companies today, we made it our number one priority to always be there for our client’s needs, and to quickly resolve their issues.

With Baetech, there is not waiting in line with a call center agent that is just trying to make it through their shift. You get to talk directly to your dedicated IT engineer (or two). You are offered a quick solution to your IT issue.

In case of a data loss or security breach, our quick response can save you from data loss, and prevent a problem from escalating.

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An Array of Services Available for a Fixed Monthly Fee

The first thing you receive with a Baetech membership is quality and reliability. Your dedicated IT engineer is continuously monitoring your IT infrastructure, making sure all issues are noticed in a timely manner and resolved as quickly as possible.

We offer Cloud solutions that will secure your data. We also provide disaster recovery and data backup. If your company’s computer operating system is Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Server, we will provide support, along with system upgrades and migrations. This includes MS Office 365, iOS devices, and Google GSuite.

Baetech shows special attention to security, which helps protect you from malware and ransomware. We regularly perform additional assessments to ensure that our client is notified in a timely manner with potential security issues. We also provide remote and wireless solutions. Of course, all of our services are HIPAA and PCI compliant.

As IT experts, we will provide you with a customized solution. We will never sell you sell you a solution that is not essential to your business. You will receive predictable monthly billing, unless additional services or software are purchased.

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We have provided healthcare IT service for years. They are our best testament to the quality of our work. From the first day, we have kept their IT infrastructure operating efficiently.

Ideally, you want to make sure that your IT solutions are setup and configured by the best IT experts, including the best security and data backup that you can afford. However, most of our clients have been working for years, and even decades. They simply want to make sure their data is secured or migrate their data from an on-premise solution to a Cloud solution, or to another on-premise server solution.

Whatever is the reason behind your IT needs and requirements – you can always contact us. We will provide you with the best healthcare IT service and regular maintenance for your infrastructure and solutions.