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Alpharetta Managed IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

All industries are embracing digitalization now more than ever before, and that is why the need for IT staff is increasing day by day. However, not all businesses have the resources to set up and manage their infrastructure in-house and they are constantly looking for new ways that will help them keep up with innovations.

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Managed IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

Scalable Solutions for Better Business Continuity

Managed IT Support for Various Hospitality Facilities

Affordable Membership With Predictable Monthly Billing

Keeping Your Data Safe with the Right Security Solutions

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Managed IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

Although many people cannot see the connection between IT and hospitality at first, this industry is pretty much relying on technology. From booking and delivery systems to Wi-Fi and networks in restaurants and cafes, business owners from the hospitality sector know that it is now more than ever important to stay on top. Because of that, they are turning to our specialists and relying on professionally managed IT services that we specially designed for the hospitality industry.

We will help you protect and improve your business and technology with a proactive approach and high-end solutions. With us by your side, you will be able to provide a 5-star service to your customers instead of training, attracting and retaining staff to maintain your IT system. Our engineers have been providing IT support for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality facilities for years, so you can be sure that you are at the right place.

Scalable Solutions for Better Business Continuity

Our managed service providers cover a broad range of IT support from infrastructure maintenance to handling security and migrating to a new platform. You can count on us to provide a fully customisable solution which can include:

Automation of routine tasks
Cloud-based solutions (Gsuitte, Office 365, IP Phone Solutions)
Monitoring of IT infrastructure to make sure all systems are optimized Implementation of new technology solutions that can scale with your business
Responsive support
Quick resolving of all issues
Backups and protection from security breaches

Our services are not limited to the list above, so even if you have something else on your mind, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. We will give our best to align with your goals and help you reach them.

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Managed IT Support for Various Hospitality Facilities

Hotels, restaurants, bars and resorts are all part of the hospitality industry, but they all have different needs and goals. Because of that, we do not use ready-made solutions and always focus on providing custom-tailored IT support, upgrades and maintenance.

We know that the key task in the hospitality industry is to provide seamless customer experience, and our innovative solutions will help you get there. Over the years we have been testing different tactics and approaches, so you can be sure that we will implement the best ones in the package of services that we create for you.

Hospitality establishments usually have at least an IT guy, and no matter if you have a technical staff or you do not have an IT department at all, you can rely on us. We guarantee excellent cooperation with your employees as well as unmatchable solutions for the clients who need us to install their IT network from scratch.

Affordable Membership With Predictable Monthly Billing

We offer carefully designed membership which can bring plenty of benefits. You will be able to take advantage of our services for a reasonable rate and be the first to know about the special offers we create.

Besides keeping you up to date with all promotions, our membership is an excellent choice even for the companies with limited budgets, because you will have a predictable monthly billing, and a set of services that you will get for that price. We assure you there will be no unexpected costs because we tend to keep everything transparent.

In case you still haven’t tried out our services, you can schedule a free onsite assessment. This will give you a clear image on which aspects of your IT system are operating well, which needs to be improved, and you can be sure that we will fill out all the gaps successfully.

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Keeping Your Data Safe with the Right Security Solutions

Since the hospitality industry uses clients’ sensitive data, and financial transactions play a big role, IT security is our prime objective. You can be sure that we use solutions that are compliant with all regulations, and that we will provide backups for all of your files.

Cloud-based platforms we are using are also an excellent choice for hospitality establishments because such facilities do not have enough storage space for all equipment and server racks. So, besides saving you time and money, our Alpharetta managed IT services for the hospitality industry are a space saver, too.

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You are just a click away from implementing innovation to your business, and if you still haven’t contacted us, we suggest you do that right away. Whether you give us a call or send us an email, we will reach back to you shortly.