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For law firms, it is not at all surprising that most of them had a data security breach. Because of that, more and more companies providing legal services are looking for experienced managed IT support providers who can help them protect their data, keep their IT system updated and ensure that everything is working smoothly so that their staff can work undisturbed.

Choosing the right IT support for law firms doesn’t have to be complicated. We have created a completely customizable service and as such represents an excellent choice for solo practitioners, as well as large companies. We are not focused on technology only. Our team of engineers will work closely with you to create a package of services within your budget and your needs.

You can be sure that we give our best to understand all your aspirations, challenges, as well as the way you work. This helps us create solutions that will enhance your business, and allow you to focus on other important aspects of it. From start to finish you will have a dedicated engineer at your service, so you can be sure that there will be no automated responses, and that we will provide full support for all your IT needs.

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IT Managed Services for Small Law Firms

We Offer Cloud-Based Services

Safe and Timely Backups of Your Data

MS Exchange to MS Office 365

IT Managed Services for Small and Medium Law Firms

Regardless of small law firms having fewer employees, they still require solid IT support and communication tools, so the lawyers can collaborate on legal matters. You will need to ensure the safe storage for your lawyer and client files whatever the size of your company.

If you run a small law firm and have a limited budget, but you still need someone who can take care of all aspects of your IT operations, we are the ones you should call. We will be there to make sure that you get all the tech services that you need, and help you save money and time in the long run because you will not have to hire full-time tech staff.

We Offer Cloud-Based Services

Since our IT managed services are cloud-based, we can support clients from all over Alpharetta and the surrounding area. This means that we can integrate out tech support with the system you are already using. Many law firms choose us as a reliable business partner because we offer constant monitoring, support and protection, plus we can assist you no matter where you are located.

It is important to conduct a major system set up properly from the start, and that is why we suggest you leave nothing to the case and contact us right away to support your business needs. Cloud-based IT services we offer can be used for safe and organised billing, accounting as well as payroll.

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Safe and Timely Backups of Your Data

Law firms are working with the clients’ most sensitive data, including personal details and legal documents. All this information needs to be stored digitally, but to prevent losing it, we will be there to make sure that there is a backup for every single file from your archive. A sudden loss of critical data is something that many law firms face at some time, but that can cause you to lose the case and heavily affect your reputation.

One of our most important responsibilities is to protect this data and to make sure that even everything is backed up at an external storage. Even if some issues occur, we will be there to help you get back on track as soon as possible, but with our security solutions, risk of malware and cyber attacks is put to a minimum.

With Office 365 all apps and services are connected which makes the entire work much easier for the employees. There are a number of useful tools such as the ones for sharing files, online meetings and organisation of the work in general. Because of that, many law firms decide to migrate from MS Exchange to MS Office 365.

No matter if you need to migrate one or multiple email accounts, or you want to switch entirely to Office 365, you can count on us to help you. This cloud-based subscription model of Microsoft Office provides layered security measures, proactive data monitoring as well as privacy protection, and we will be there to migrate your law firm from MS Exchange, swiftly and hassle-free.

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Law firms have to build credible images and let people know they can trust them. Because of that, they need their systems to be regularly updated by experienced tech staff, and someone who can monitor 24/7. We offer these and many other services, so feel free to get in touch with us and learn more about the professional law firms IT support Alpharetta that we offer.

Let us help you run your legal firm smoothly while we are dealing with all your tech needs.