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Woodstock Managed IT Services

One of the easiest ways to improve efficiency and cut costs is to outsource your day-to-day management responsibilities to dedicated IT support. You can be sure that we offer the best Woodstock managed IT services in the area for businesses from various industries and sizes.

Whether you need to set up a new phone system for the call center you established, or you want to protect important data of your clients, we will be there to help you. We offer a complete managed IT solutions tailored to your needs, including migrating MS Exchange to MS Office 365, web content filtering, iOS and Chromebook management, increased security and ransomware protection, backup and recovery services.

Except for above-mentioned services, you can count on us to take care of many other things, so feel free to contact us about our professional Woodstock managed IT services.

How to control and manage costs

We Can Help You Keep Your Costs Low

Even if you considered hiring an entire IT department, you will soon realize that not only is it a complicated task, but it is also very expensive. You will have to make sure that your new team of IT experts has enough room for work, you will also have to provide adequate equipment so they can work smoothly, and set aside money for their salaries.

This can easily exceed your budget, but there is a much easier and less expensive solution. You can simply outsource all your IT needs to our specialists who will work remotely and act like you have an in-house team. We will work together with you or your IT employee to better understand what you need and tailor a package of services that will fit you perfectly.

Cutting the costs has never been easier because all you have to do is choose us as your reliable managed service providers and we will keep your network and other aspects of our IT system functional and secure at affordable rates.

Setup and Support for Wireless and Internet Solutions

Apart from remote monitoring and support, we can take care of specialized configuration, network designs, as well as custom installation. We will make sure that the internet solutions we create for your business allow you to perform your duties without disruptions and provide seamless service to your clients.

No matter how small or big your business premises, we will find appropriate wireless solutions to cover every corner and make sure that all your employees have stable connections.

Even if you need us to improve your wireless or internet setup, we will be there to help. From designing an entire network to remodelling the one you already have – we will be at your disposal.

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Cloud backup services

Backup, Recovery and Modern Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Although you might think that nobody would hack your data, you might be more exposed to this risk than you think. Because of that, one of the things that you can count on when it comes to our support is that we will provide backup and recovery service.

In case you are not sure whether you need it or not, our professional staff will be there to explain to you all the benefits of this type of service. One of the main advantages of backup and recovery we offer is the fact that even if there is a breach all of your data will be safe and sound so you will be able to get back to work quickly.

With the innovative approach and modern cloud solutions that we offer, you will be able to send, share and receive files safely among your associates and clients. We know that handling all confidential data in a secure, and compliant way might be challenging for you, but we will be there to handle that.

You will be able to access all files from anywhere at any time, which can significantly improve the productivity among your employees. All your data will update in real-time, and you will be able to share it even with the people outside your company if needed. We will show you how to set the limits and expiration dates for specific files, as well as how to set a password for extra protection.

Choose The Best Woodstock Managed IT Services and Contact Us Today

There is no need to wait until your IT issues escalate to seek help from a dedicated team of managed service providers. Whether you want to start using our services, or you just need us to provide security risk assessment and help you decide whether you need to outsource your IT needs or not, you can simply give us a call or send an email at any time.

Our polite customer representatives will carefully listen to all your questions and provide detailed answers or schedule an appointment at the time and date that suits you best.