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Managed IT Security Services Alpharetta

Welcome to our managed security services program. This has become our greatest skillset and request over the past several years. Our experience includes IT security assessments and services for business acquisitions, preferred partner programs, data cyber insurance and required industry compliancy (HIPAA, HITECH, PCI).

The MSSP program is not one solution for all, but a customized approach based upon your IT security needs, comfort and compliancy. All programs and compliancy needs are unique for every business. The art of IT security compliancy is based upon your documentation, risk exposure, risk assessment and mitigation plans. IT security includes a plan of due diligence and understanding the vulnerabilities in your computing solutions, including onsite or Cloud.

We can provide a turn-key process in 4 phased steps:

Evaluate/assess current IT security in your computing environment

Define the necessary security requirements

Create/revise/update IT security related documentation and policies

Implement security requirements

What We Offer

MSSP Services

These are layered options and customized solutions based upon your IT security needs.

Security Assessments/Questionnaires

Due to a large number of insurance payouts over the years, most cyber insurance carriers are now requesting security assessments or questionnaires for data cyber insurance coverage consideration. Many are now requiring a minimum level of security implemented within your computing environment, including policies, documentation, backup solutions and a disaster recovery plan. We can help you check the questionnaire boxes for proper insurance coverage. It’s not exactly about checking all the boxes, but the boxes for their satisfaction. We can work with your insurance agents to understand their minimum requirements.

Cyber insurance requirements are not always limited to your network and computing environment, but shared data may cross over to your vendors and customers as well. Likewise, you may need to meet the security requirements for shared data provided by your customers or vendors.

IT security assessments and questionnaires are not limited to cyber insurance companies, but are also a commonplace among business acquisitions, preferred partner programs, credit card processors, vendor/customer partnerships, and industry compliancy. This is also common among healthcare, finance, investment, and online transactional businesses.

The importance of cyber insurance
Internal and external penetration testing

Internal & External Penetration Tests

A possible requirement for cyber insurance policies, business acquisitions, and other partner relationship. Penetration tests the security integrity from the outside of your network, and then from the inside of your local network. These tests will validate the security configuration and patching of your computing and networking equipment.

IT Security Documentation and Policies

Documentation and policies are required for industry security compliancy. Both serve as the glue between your computing solutions and the computing end user, presenting configuration validation and due diligence for your business. We supply a custom working template of policies, network diagram, along with an IT disaster recovery and continuity plan for your business. We will work with your team to gather the details and assist with your documentation and policy needs.

Cloud computing and security
Disaster recovery solutions that are available for access in the Cloud

Disaster Recovery/Continuity Solutions

We offer a cost affordable backup and recovery solution. Our recommended backup solution works with both onsite and Cloud data. Onsite backup stores a copy onsite, along with an encrypted copy in the Cloud. During a location or natural disaster, your data and server applications are available for access in the Cloud, with minimal effort and configuration. Our backup solution is effective against ransomware.

2 Form Authentication or Multi Factor Authentication

2FA or MFA are both technologies to secure your login access for your computer or Cloud-based applications. We are proud Duo Partners, which is an industry preferred solution. Duo supported solutions use Duo Push, with a simply Accept or Deny from your mobile device, you will have immediate access to your computer or application. A much easier option than remembering an email or text-based code. We can assist securing supported applications and platforms, including Office 365, Google Workspace, MS Office 365 Azure AD, and other leading Cloud platforms.

2 Factor authentication on cloud platforms
Calculating costs and expenses

MS Office 365 Azure AD Single Sign-On

Utilize the full potential of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription with Office 365 Single Sign-On. Single Sign-On securely eliminates the need to remember multiple logins for your business workflow.

EDR, SIEM and Compliancy Logging

Our security solutions platform and program, which also layers and complements our MSP program. Our platform is budget friendly, offering the security and protection of many large enterprise-level corporations. Another current and future requirement for industry compliancy programs and cyber insurance carriers.

EDR is a client-based software for both Microsoft and Mac operating systems, which detects, logs and best-effort contain any lateral move of malicious software and ransomware.

SIEMs are multi-purpose and work cohesively with the EDR client tracking malicious traffic and effected endpoints, alerting of suspicious activity and logging of data security information. This is the security intrusion system and remediation for your business’ data.

Managed security services program
IT security services for your business

Other IT Security Services

This is our shortened list of IT security services we offer. We can assist and provide solutions upon request for Anti-spam, best practices for email DNS records and phishing campaigns to name a few.

All the above is our proactive approach to your business’s IT security and data compliancy.

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