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Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration

Our experience and knowledge can migrate your business from Google G Suite or Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365. We can help you determine the best and most effective process for your business and team. Our migration tools can help determine a schedule and a phased approach with emails and data.

We offer a complete solution migrating Gmail, Google Drive, Google Groups, and Google Vault to the equivalent solutions within Microsoft Office 365

We use industry recognized tools transferring your data resources, which copies and compares your source data with your destination data – without using a 2-way sync. This eliminates any data loss or confusion.

Workflow advantages migrating from Google G Suite or Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365

Google Workspace (formerly Google G Suite) and Microsoft Office 365 are both productivity suites that offer a variety of business tools. However, there are some significant differences in efficiency, functionality, workflow and security.

Both Google platforms were developed from a consumer-based Cloud solution. Microsoft developed their solutions from original on-premise enterprise technologies.

- MS Office 365 integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook – Google requires an installed sync tool for consistently synced email messages, calendar entries and contacts.
- Preferred productivity suite for enhanced security.
- Easier collaboration with calendar and email sharing.
- Ease and flexibility with licensing.
- A better platform for sharing data, along with granular security controls and accountability with SharePoint Documents.

Our tools ensure a smooth migration with user environments of all sizes.

A trusted team with Google and Microsoft platform experience

Our internal team of engineers are trained and current with the latest trends and changes with the technology platforms.

A list of items included in a Google G Suite or Google Workspace to MS Office 365 migration

When you’re planning a platform move, it’s important to know your expectations and limitations. The items listed below are considered part of the migration process.


All mailbox contents are migrated including contacts, email messages, calendar items, and attachments, along with email addresses and aliases.

Email Groups

The email groups include email addresses and group members.

Google Drive Data

Our migration tool will copy over all folders and files to Microsoft OneDrive. Our migration tool has the ability to rename duplicate files or files with illegal characters or length.

Google Vault

All past deleted emails, documents and litigation holds based upon defined retention policies. Google Vault data can be placed in Microsoft Azure Storage or to their respective MS Office 365 mailboxes as a Recoverable Items Folder – Your choice!

SharePoint Documents (Optional addition):

Centralized data sharing among your team. Folders are viewed and accessed based upon user or group security controls. This feature can be web-based or synced to your Windows Explorer.

 Google G Suite/Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 are completely different platform technologies, which will have some limitations and may involve some manual processes.

Some of those items include:

  • Shared mailboxes and calendars
  • Mailbox and calendar delegation
  • Email rules
  • Out of Office Messages
  • Email Signatures
  • Email address autocomplete or cached contacts

Most of which can be manually copied over or implemented.


Data migration is a popular topic. Migrating data is not a simple task and every business environment and workflow is unique. It requires careful planning and execution to ensure that all information is moved over correctly, and business operations are not disrupted or very minimal during the migration process.

Having a solid data migration strategy is important. A good platform migration strategy will help you plan and execute a successful data migration project while avoiding common mishaps.

Regardless of the reason for a data migration, the purpose is to improve business efficiency, mobility, and security.

Office 365 provides flexible licensing and pricing plans, better online/offline file options, and advanced security controls. Moreover, users will feel comfortable with its user-friendly dashboard and the familiarity with many of the offered features. MS Office 365 also includes desktop applications.
Yes, Office 365 and Google G Suite/Google Workspace can co-exist on the same computer or working environment. You may choose to migrate only the email to MS Office 365 and continue to use Google Drive for data. We have had a few customers sharing a specific Google Drive or Google Doc with an external vendor. You only need to pay and keep the licensing for the accounts in use.
We will create a migration plan customized for you and your business needs. We will need to understand your workflow – the organization of the data being migrated – any preferred changes – Global Admin login for both Google G Suite/Workspace and MS Office 365 – and your preferred schedule. Our team of professionals will handle the rest.

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