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Most companies may consider IT services as a back-office task, that will not affect their core business and industry. Many think an IT expert should only be contacted when an issue appears, but oftentimes it may be too late. Nowadays when everything is performed online, an IT service is the backbone of every modern company.

No matter your industry, data and information is stored and archived within your IT system. It makes you efficient, easily available to your customers, and it helps you communicate faster and keep track of your achievements.

It is paramount to make sure that the company providing you with IT services is reliable, dedicated, and has plenty of experience. It is also important that they are on time and always available, since businesses can’t afford to wait.

Baetech is a team of dependable IT professionals. We are ready to help whenever you need us. As more companies rely on their IT systems and with an increase of the number of people working from home, timely IT service has become one of the most important aspects of every business.

IT Services for Wide Variety of Industries

With the expertise and experience that we have gained over the years, this has helped us to provide IT services to new industries each year. When you hire Baetech, Alpharetta managed IT service, you can focus on your core business, with peace of mind knowing that we will properly maintain your IT systems and give a helping hand whenever an issue occurs.

We are helping businesses from the health care industry, marketing agencies, real estate, construction companies, and businesses that provide financial and legal service.

Our in-depth knowledge of IT systems has made it simple for us to easily adapt to any need, predict possible issues, and provide valuable support in calm and unpredictable times.

Customer Expectations

Many successful companies are turning to BTI managed IT services for IT support and maintenance. It’s easy to see why BTI managed IT services in Alpharetta are a good option, when comparing to an internal IT department or paying for hourly IT support. Businesses are wisely thinking about their budget, ensuring they only spend dollars on products and services they really need.

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Dedicated Team of IT Experts

Unsurprisingly, a single mention of the phrase “outsourced IT support” and everyone’s first thought is long waiting times on the phone, unresponsive customer service, and solutions that drag on to infinity. Baetech Alpharetta managed IT service team is well-aware of this common concern. We have decided to offer a completely different expectation of your standard IT services – expert support customized for your business.

Once your company has applied for our membership, you will receive one or two dedicated solution engineers. They will always be at your disposal, ready to understand and provide a solution to your every issue.

We are especially proud of employing engineers, and not salespeople. We are better at knowing what type of solutions best fits your business. Engineers are not aimed in selling you layered, overpriced software and hardware solutions, instead, they are committed in offering a solution, they must support.

Benefits of Outsourcing to IT Professionals

When you outsource your IT service to professionals, you will have an experienced team, who will advise you on best practices to implement, and to keep your IT system work perfectly.

As our members, you will always have a predictable monthly payment that is predetermined through an agreement. Our services and procedures are transparent. You always know what you are paying for and what is the reason behind that purchase.

With Baetech, Alpharetta managed IT service team, you can count on maximum security and confidentiality when it comes to your data, with the latest ransomware and malware protection that will keep your business safe.

Most importantly, with IT professionals at an arm’s reach, even unpredictable and stressful situations like system crashes or data loss can be prevented, or worst case, quickly resolved.

We also provide cloud servicing, upgrades and migrations with your systems, support for MS Office 365 and Google GSuite, web content filtering, setup and configuration of your wireless connections and firewalls, as well as vendor management. We cover a wide scope of services that enable your business to rely on us completely, without ever having to contact another IT service or manage multiple partnerships.

The benefits of IT management services

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Do not wait for an accident to happen. Become a member of Baetech today to ensure the safety of your IT system. Our Alpharetta managed IT service team of engineers will start their work immediately, and you will be able to focus on things that are more important for your business.

Our proactive approach will keep your IT system in optimum performance at all times, and our team will let you know whenever you need an update to the latest technology. Small mishaps, like outdated software can cause plenty of issues, but with the waking eye of our engineers the possibilities will be reduced to a minimum.

Do not waste your resources and budget hiring an IT in-house team, when you can have an equally good service for an affordable price.